Autism Fitness Bike to the Future E-book

AutFit Bike to Future Cover_Big_Aug 2013

Eric Chessen… hands down is the “Leading Authority” in fitness, exercise and play for children and individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

His Brand New E-book “Bike to the Future” should be in every parents activity toolbox.

Bike riding is one of the many childhood activities that helps to build a healthy, active body. It is part of a lifestyle that leads to better physical, adaptive, and cognitive health. It can promote socialization and be a source of family fun.

With Eric’s help your child can master the skills needed to ride a bike in no time at all. If there is ever a problem or hitch in the learning process, review some of the chapters. Identify the problem with possible solutions.

Is it physical, adaptive, or cognitive?

Is there too much information? Is the environment too noisy or chaotic? … Figuring out the problem allows you to implement the correct solution.

Prevention is always preferable to a cure. Being physically active and healthy can help to bypass health issues that arise from a sedentary lifestyle… Bike riding is fun.  Making fitness a fun priority in your household yields tremendous benefits, and sets the course for a better, more optimal life.

Well what are you waiting for?         Let’s get your child Riding a bike… NOW!