Autism Fitness in Yahoo News

By Dominique Dawes… Thursday, January 27, 2011

My younger brother Don was diagnosed with autism around the age of four. Early on, it was evident that his development was delayed, primarily his verbal development and temperament. We also noticed him exhibiting repetitive actions; all symptoms of an individual with autism.

I was ten years old when he was diagnosed, and at that time I wasn’t clear what having autism entailed. I accepted the fact that he was unable to communicate verbally and seldom interacted with his peers; however, he was quite talented physically. I remember playing hide-and-go seek and tag out in the backyard. He also loved to swim and was very good basketball. I should know, as he once beat me on the court! (Being an Olympic gold medalist doesn’t make me immune to losing). After that I refused to compete against him again     Read the rest of this article at Yahoo News: Weekend Edition