Fitness that adapts across the spectrum.

Learning experiences designed to support professionals who support athletes with autism.

Introducing the first

multi-disciplinary approach to fitness

Autism Fitness takes a multidisciplinary approach to fitness that addresses a broad spectrum of developmental deficits enabling you to provide fitness programming aligned to every athlete, regardless of skill or level.

World Population
1% On The Spectrum
In The United States
Certified Instructors

What we do best

We create programs and tools for trainers, therapists, educators and parents who work with the autism population – plus a dedicated community of like minded professionals essential to ongoing professional development.

How we do it

Autism Fitness provides a  multivariate approach so that you can approach learning from every angle. Download ready texts, on demand video and hands on training opportunities give you what you need to love your learning experience.

Why it works

Deep learning occurs over a lifetime, not in a weekend. Start with solid foundational knowledge, add a team for support, and you have the best way to start building expert skills. Enjoy the proven systems that provide the key to maximizing your mastery.
Featured Tools & Programs

Autism Fitness


Multiply Your Mastery. It’s up to you to mastermind your own career with  a modern approach to fitness developed for a growing population of athletes

Autism Fitness


Think Inside The Box. The Autism Fitness Toolbox Provides You With The Tools, Templates And Progressions You Need To take the guesswork out of the framework.

Videos That Enrich Learning

220 Movements | 60 micro lessons Videos for visual learners: Learn something new or reinforce key concepts with a collection of videos featuring Eric’s actual athletes in training.

What people are saying…

"Having recently completed his seminar, I can tell you that both as a clinical psychologist working with this population, as well as a strength and conditioning enthusiast, it was an excellent and practical exposure to his PAC model. I look forward to implementing it with great enthusiasm."
David A. Whelan, Psy.D. Clinical Director Think:Kids Program, MA General Hospital
"Having worked with this population for years now, I wasn't sure what I would come away with, but Eric blew me out of the water and provided an incredibly thorough and detailed day of learning for everyone attending."
Erin S., Educator
“Seriously, I feel this was the best course I have taken and I have been doing this for 24 years.”
Robin McKinstrie, Personal Trainer

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