To stand out in a crowded marketplace, identify what makes you unique. There’s no limit to your growth when you choose advanced learning opportunities that put you in control of your career advancement. With over 1.2 million potential clients to work with, there’s no better time for learning that keeps you on track (and never holds you back.)

In Level 1, you’ll uncover the complex intersection of ABA (write out), Learning Styles & Systems in Education and Exercise Sciences, that together forms the underlying functional framework of Autism Fitness. You’ll explore Autism – the medical history, symptoms, and evidence based strategies to overcome known developmental deficits, plus unique ways to adapt fitness programming to meet these unique needs.

There is no other training like this in the world and a must if you’re planning or already are bringing fitness programs to those with autism. Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness Certification is the culmination of Autism Fitness programming strategies tested, implemented, and refined over a decade.

What’s Included:

  • Access to online or instructor-led lessons and materials
  • Hands on live training seminars
  • Unlimited access to online content
  • Training materials to match your learning style
  • Established instructors committed to your success
  • Ability to watch and complete lessons in any order, as often as needed
  • Hundreds of dollars’ worth of free materials
  • On-the-go mobile learning, online and on-demand
  • Access to experts, peers, and industry thought leaders
  • A downloadable Certificate of Completion


Level I Certified Practitioners will have a dedicated section on with bio, links, and contact information. We want to promote YOU, because there are families around the world who need your skills. CEUs available from ACE, NASM, and more to be added.