The Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification

is the culmination of Autism Fitness programming strategies tested, implemented, and refined over a decade. There is no other training like this in the world and a must if you’re planning or already are bringing fitness programs to those with autism. Participants in the 2-day lecture and hands-on seminar will learn:

  • How to Assess Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive Functioning
  • Exercise Progressions and Regressions
  • Program Design for Individuals and Groups
  • Positive Behavior Support Strategies
  • Knowing Your Athlete’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Increasing Motivation and Building Play Skills
  • Building Outstanding Adapted PE Programs
… And Plenty More!
Earning your advanced certificate with Autism Fitness isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality learning opportunities that put you on the path to career advancement. With multiple tracks and tailored content curation, you will learn what you love, and get exactly the skills you need to put you back in control of your career advancement.

With over 1.2 million potential clients to work with, there’s no better time for learning that keeps you on track (and never holds you back.)

More isn’t always more. Unless, you make something of it.

Level I Certified Practitioners will have a dedicated section on with bio, links, and contact information. We want to promote YOU, because there are families around the world who need your skills. CEUs available from ACE, NASM, and more to be added.