Reviews of the Autism Fitness Toolbox and Level 1 Certification

“The seminar in Garden City was well organized and very informative. Eric explained and demonstrated how to use various exercise equipment for activities and assessments. This seminar was very informative for me in helping me design activities for my special needs students I would highly recommend this seminar to individuals who work with special needs children.”

– Gustavo Fete, APE Coach

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“Seriously I feel it was the best course I have taken and I have been doing this for 24 years!”
– Robin McKinstrie, PT

“Eric Chessen is a pioneer in bringing informed fitness training to a woefully under-served population, young people on the Autism spectrum. Having recently completed his seminar, I can tell you that both as a clinical psychologist working with this population, as well as a strength and conditioning enthusiast, it was an excellent and practical exposure to his PAC model. I look forward to implementing it with great enthusiasm.”

– David A. Whelan, Psy.D.
Clinical Director Think:Kids Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

“Thanks again for today! It was such a great learning experience and really helped my staff start thinking about how they can more effectively teach our kids.”

– Kathy Sacoulas
Program Director

“I had the pleasure of attending Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness Seminar this winter and I truly can’t say enough about it. Having worked with this population for years now, I wasn’t sure what I would come away with, but Eric blew me out of the water and provided an incredibly thorough and detailed day of learning for everyone attending. Anyone who has met Eric knows that he is an incredibly fun and engaging teacher, and with such a deep understanding of kinesiology, he won’t keep you sitting at a desk for long. Eric breaks down his practice and methods into bite-sized pieces that are easy to comprehend, even if you are brand new to this type of work, and engages everyone in physically trying out his program – even running some group exercises to mimic what you might find with a client. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone, even if you do not work with this population – it is a great way to tap into Eric’s wealth of knowledge and have fun doing so. Thank you, Eric!”

– Erin S, Educator

“My daughter Mary has been working with Eric for quite a few years now. (approx 5/6 yrs give or take)
Mary has gained many useful skills through Eric’s wonderful program. First of all, Eric is a patient individual and works in a very professional manner. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of fitness and nutrition. Mary has gained great physical strength. Especially in her core and upper body where it is helpful with posture, fine motor skills, & daily living skills. I think that the work of heavy lifting is beneficial to her sensory system and gives her input to help stay regulated. Mary has also learned how to follow multi- step directions, sequencing, motor planning, and knowing her right from left. Eric’s knowledge of working with the autistic population and combining ABA methods with his expertise of the human body can have a tremendous positive influence on a person. We are grateful to have been able to see the benefits of Eric’s teachings. He has been sharing his methods of helping others for as long as we know him.

I hope this helps explain how special it is to have people like Eric make their life’s work so important to helping improve the lives of others.”

– Tracey O’Malley

“I value your great work with Isabella. Thank you so much.”

– Laura Vasquez

“Thank you so much. This is amazing. I can’t believe how focused and great he looks. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for helping him!”

– Stacy Zauderer

The Autism Fitness Toolbox is the essential resource for professionals & parents