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Make Autism Fitness Your Choice

You need a program that meets each individual where they are. Autism Fitness® has your answers at every step, from assessment to goal setting to program delivery.
Our PAC Profile® Assessment (physical, adaptive, cognitive) has been a game changer for professionals and parents.
Unlock the life-changing benefits that fitness programs can have for this population. Play the video of our TEDx talk and learn more

Make A Difference for the 1%

World Population


1% On The Spectrum


In The United States


Autism Fitness® Certified

Think Inside The Box

Autism Fitness® empowers support teams using science as a unifying language, with programs and tools designed for those who support athletes with Autism.

Multiply Your Mastery

Fitness Professionals

Autism Fitness® takes a multidisciplinary approach to fitness that addresses a broad spectrum of developmental deficits enabling you to provide fitness programming aligned to every athlete, regardless of skill or level.

Mind the Gap.


Growing class sizes, widening skill gaps, and more: Autism Fitness® offers adaptive programming solutions that eliminate common barriers to learning faced in the modern classroom. Our responsive approach to Adaptive PE Programming places every student in the path of learning - regardless of skill, ability or underlying motivation.

Support from every angle.

Licensed Therapists

Autism Fitness® is committed to creating long-lasting lifestyle changes in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) population. Support of the cognitive communication process is a critical component of care that begins with meaningful relationships between members of the support cohort.

Everybody needs somebody.


Isolation, frustration, worry: being a parent isn't easy, but you don't have to do it alone. With Autism Fitness®, the early intervention choices you make play a critical role in developing vital independence and socialization skills across the lifespan of those you love.