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Sticky PostAutism FItness: Stretching. The truth about warmups.

Stretching. The truth about warmups.

Let’s face it:  No matter how many times we’ve been told to “trust, then verify”,  we still accept common ideas as “truth”. Human beings struggle with the truth.  When it comes to facts, it doesn’t really matter whether we’re just trusting by nature or too overwhelmed

Japanese Tea Ceremonies and Hurdles

During one point in our relationship, one of my first and most influential fitness/training/life mentors had me read a copy of Cha-no-Yu, a guide to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. At the time I wasn’t certain whether I was to gain a specific insight via metaphor

What He Sees

A week days ago I received an email from the mother of a new athlete I am working with. Two days prior I had sent over video of the assessment session I took him through. She relayed his comment in her email; “Is that what

Exercise, Autism, and Expertise

A friend and fellow fitness professional recently shared this article on his Facebook page:  The Death of Expertise (Federalist, 2014). In addition to citing the autism/vaccine issue (which is only an issue in that the connection myth continues to persist and, as a result, a host

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Group Kangaroo Hops Autism Fitness Style

Developing group activities for young people, or any people, with autism presents the challenge of having a significant variance in physical, adaptive, and cognitive abilities. This is why sports or competitive activities, even when they are labeled or marketed as “adaptive/adapted” (I’ve been redressed for

Controlled Chaos and Why it Works

A few weeks ago I partnered up with the NY Metro chapter of the National Autism Association for our 2nd Autism Fitness in the Park event.  On paper it reads great. Outdoor environment, free to attend, all ages and ability levels, fitness activities. Allow me

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The Opportunities in “No.”

As the culmination of 33 2/3rd years of having a right foot that is externally rotated, five years on and off with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and roughly 15 years of mostly intelligent training with little direct coaching, I am currently restricted from overhead pressing, which

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The Empathetic Cone Game

This morning during our session at the park, my athlete “Jay” and I began with the following cone touch activity: 1) Athlete stands on foot-shaped spot markers 2) Athlete touches red, blue, or green cone (placed about two feet in front of him) upon instructor’s

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The Nutrition Component: Guest Blog with Dr. Richard Kahn

In addition to physical fitness, good nutrition is a highly important part of optimal development and leading a productive, healthy life.  Families of individuals with autism come into contact with an array of dietary interventions that can boggle the mind in terms of food selections,

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