Go outside and move,  after reviewing this post about Autism Fitness activities, of course. I wanted to share one of my favorite Autism Fitness activities captured on video.

Autism Fitness Activities should include Animal-Based movements

For the best possible experience and outcome, fitness activities for young people with autism should be movement-based and focus on a variety of different activities that incorporate similar movement patterns. For example, doing both bodyweight squats and scoop throws to build hip flexibility and lower body strength. Autism Fitness activities can boost physical ability far beyond current levels.

In what is widely considered the “Golden Era” of Physical Culture in the U.S. (1950-60’s), many fitness gurus looked towards the animal kingdom for inspiration. Many of my favorite Autism Fitness activities are based on the way different creatures jump, crawl, walk, and run.

Autism Fitness Activities for Warm-ups and Mobility

Some of the best activities for warm-ups and mobility (the limbs going through full, healthy range of motion) are animal-based. They include bear walks, frog hops, donkey kicks, and can really be subject to your own or your athlete’s creative input. Some of our best Autism Fitness activities have been those improvised during a fitness session.

Autism Fitness Activities: Video Footage! The Inch Worm Walk

The inch worm walk is one of the great beginner Autism Fitness activities because it can be easily regressed (made simpler) or progressed (made more challenging) based on the abilities of the athlete.  Check out the video below.

Untitled from Eric Chessen on Vimeo.

Autism Fitness activities such as the inch worm walk are great for promoting fitness in the home or classroom .

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