Strength is a foundation of our Autism Fitness programming. Knowing that “low tone” diagnosis is a common issue among the ASD population, one of our principle practices is increasing strength in both static and dynamic situations.

The resistance band row is one of our go-to upper body strength exercises, but it does so much more. When pulling the band, the athlete has to root with the feet (keep them flat on the floor), maintain neutral spine position (this is where the trunk/abdominals/”core” comes into performance), and grip, grip, grrrrrrip the band. As we know, grip strength is often an area of difficulty as well.

We start with the double band row as a bilateral (both arms) exercise, and, once Criteria for Baseline Mastery (CfBM) is met, we can progress with a more challenging variation.

In this eposide of MotM, Autism Fitness Founder Eric Chessen coaches his athlete Nico through the single arm progression of the band row. In addition to the need and development of shoulder and grip strength, this variation requires what we refer to as “anti-rotation” or being able to keep the spine neutral and chest facing forward while one side of the body is moving.

The single arm band row requires more focus and stability than the bilateral version, and we often use a lighter band than we would when starting out.

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