Now’s the time. And consider that often having too many choices leads us to indecision or deferring.

You know a fitness program in your home could make a big difference. And things come up. Scheduling comes up. Unforeseen scheduling comes up.

At Autism Fitness we know that fitness is a life skill, something to be discussed in the same conversation as speech, social skills, and activities of daily living, in fact we can use fitness as a gateway for all of these.

If you’re already familiar with Autism Fitness, you know how drastically fitness can benefit individuals with ASD regardless of their age or current ability level. And you may have wanted to start an in-home program but may not know how to put that exercise program together, what exercises do and don’t make sense, and how to…start.

Here are four must-account check-off items for In-home fitness programming with the autism population;

1- Environment. Make sure you have a safe, open space to run your fitness program. Having a small space is just fine, we can work with that. We want enough un-clutter to be able to move around.

2- Preparation. If the individual (our @ Home Athlete) needs information about exactly what will be happening today/during the fitness session, it will likely reduce anxiety and increase focus. Social narratives (short stories with pictures of the exercises and equipment being used) can be wonderfully useful.

3- Programming. A bunch of exercises thrown together does not automatically equal an effective workout. In Autism Fitness we discuss the importance of ‘Knowing what you’re Looking @,’ an understanding of what exercises need to be done in what order and which progression/regression to use. To really get the most out of your home programming, Autism Fitness offers virtual consulting and individual program development.

4- Consistency. Stay with it. you can start with a few push throws. Or a few hurdle steps. Or even just introducing some of the equipment by labeling it “Check out this resistance band!” “Here, hold this Dynamax ball.” Our Autism Fitness parents are regularly blown away by how quickly their sons and daughters (of all ages, all ability levels) progress with exercise, even grow to enjoy it, when we stick with a plan.

Now, more than ever, fitness and healthy living can be a focal point in our daily routine. If you haven’t watched our Autism Fitness @ Home series yet on YouTube, click the link below.

The Autism Fitness @ Home Channel

If you’re ready to start creating your own home fitness program, Autism Fitness @ Home Consulting is here to support. Email to get started with optimizing your in-home fitness program that you can feel confident in delivering.