A quick update tonight but nonetheless an important one. Maintaining a fitness lifestyle for a family is not always easy, especially when going through a “transition” phase from replacing processed, refined and nutrition-devoid foods with more healthful, natural options and beginning to incorporate exercise in the home. A couple questions to keep you on track:

– Did you move around today?

– Did your children/students move around?

– How many activities or behaviors did you engage in that will both prevent future health problems and improve long-term health?

The more accountable we become about making health a preventative, lifestyle issue as opposed to a reactive, medical  problem the greater assurance for a more enriched, opportunity-filled existence.  Young individuals with autism deserve as much a head start as anyone else.

I am also very happy to announce that I am bringing back Autism Fitness Radio on AutismOne.  The show will feature insight and advice on all things autism and health related, and I have some great guests coming on in the next couple weeks. I look forward to sharing Autism Fitness Radio with my readers.

Live Inspired,