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Autism Fitness Certification®

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See everything this certification course has to offer.

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Autism Fitness Certification® Level 1

Have you found yourself asking these questions?

  • How do I communicate effectively?
  • How do I understand complex needs and off-task behaviors?
  • How do I create safe and effective programs for ALL individuals and groups with ASD and related neurodiversities?

Who Is This Certification For?

Fitness Professionals, Behavior Therapists, Special Educators, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Totally Rad Parents, and other professionals working with the ASD population.

  • Therapists - Address the most important skills as they relate to movement abilities. Have a toolbox of approaches that have been validated across different environments. Build physical skills that will generalize beyond the session.
  • Fitness Professionals - Applicable tools, assessments and programming that work best for your athletes. Develop coaching strategies that enable the best possible performance with clear communication, goals and outcomes.
  • Educators - Create adaptive programming solutions that eliminate barriers to learning faced in the modern classroom and traditional PE programs.
  • Parents / Caregivers - Play a critical role in developing vital independence and socialization skills across the lifespan of those you love.

Continuing Education Approval Approved By

Autism Fitness Continuing Education Approval The Autism Fitness Certification® Level 1 content is CE Pre-Approved by NCTRC and relates to the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities areas of specialization” along with approval by the Alaskan APTA (American Physical Therapy Association).

Our Course is Designed to Meet You Where You are
so You can Meet Your Athletes Where They are

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How Does This Benefit My Athletes?

The Autism Fitness methodology is a standardized, progressive fitness model designed for use with individuals of all age groups and across the autism spectrum.

The PAC Profile® Assessment

Our PAC Profile® Assessment (Physical, Adaptive, Cognitive) has been a game changer for professionals, therapists, teachers and parents alike.

The physical component of the PAC Profile®, In Autism Fitness® Programming, there is a focus on exercises that enhance basic strength, stability, and motor planning abilities. The exercises in the PAC Profile® are chosen because they have near-universal application and can be progressed or regressed for any level.

The adaptive component of the PAC Profile® Adaptive function is often the most important aspect of fitness and adapted PE programming for the ASD population. Adaptive functioning is all about motivation and reinforcement.

The cognitive component of the PAC Profile® cognitive functioning refers to how well an athlete responds to a specific coaching cue for a particular exercise. We’re looking at three phases of coaching/performance: Physical prompting, Visual prompting and Independent performance

What Our Pros Say

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AFIT Level 1
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This certification has been eye-opening for me. Seeing a different demographic of athletes has been inspiring to me. How we take basic, simple exercises and keep it simple as possible is unreal. It’s building on a simplification process that leads to success.

Coach Dave Brixius Explosive Sports Performance

As someone who had a general sense of "safe" exercising and conditioning, I feel much more confident to coach someone in the ASD population because of what is highlighted in the Autism Fitness program.

Cristina Elliot Personal Trainer and Family Member of individual with ASD

I’m seeing great results with my clients since completing your training! I’m looking forward to continuing the journey to better health with these amazing people!

Tiffanie Tolsma Personal Trainer

I have many fitness certifications but this one means the most to me.

Reva C Personal Trainer

Best. Training. Ever. My students are benefitting tremendously from Autism Fitness.

Chrissy B. Adapted PE Teacher

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Autism Fitness Certification Level 1

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